Postcard - Guadalupe River, Louise Hays Park

Postcard - Guadalupe River, Louise Hays Park

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Louise Hays Park, 202 Thompson Dr., Kerrville, Texas

One of the best assets of Kerrville is Louise Hays Park, built on 35-acres of prime land, right across the river from Downtown. The valuable property was donated to the City by San Antonio oil man, Robert S. Hays, on two conditions: The park would be named after his wife, Louise, and the park be built in a single day! On April 26, 1950, Kerrville accepted the challenge and built the park in one day, with about 2,000 workers, including volunteers. Pastor of Kerrville’s First Methodist Church, and Chairman of the local Ministerial Alliance, Walter Kerr, blessed the ambitious project before construction began at 7:00 a.m.

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