Postcard - "Lion of Judah" Face

Postcard - "Lion of Judah" Face

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Signed & Numbered Bronze Sculpture
Donated by Max & Sherry Greiner to The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden
Kerrville, Texas, USA

On January 10, 2006, the artist believes God told him to create a 10 Commandments Monument for the garden, with a giant male lion bronze sculpture on top. It was 16 years before the sculpture became a reality. The “Artist Copy” casting was given to the Texas garden.
The #1 bronze was given to the people of ISRAEL, as a gift from American Christians and installed on May 5, 2020. This casting is located in Bloomfield Park, Jerusalem. Mount Zion is in the background. Greiner prayed people would see the Jewish Messiah when they gazed into the eyes of the stylized lion sculpture.

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