Postcard - "Divine Servant" TCK background

Postcard - "Divine Servant" TCK background

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Signed & Numbered Bronze Sculpture.  

Donated by Max & Sherry Greiner to the Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden in Kerrville, Texas, USA.

During the most difficult and humbling time of the artist’s life, in April of 1986 (at the age of 35) professional artist, Max Greiner, Jr. heard the Holy Spirit speak to his mind. God told Greiner to create a sculpture of Jesus washing the feet of the disciple Peter from John 13 in the Bible.  After two years of disobedience, the artist finally yielded and created a small, 1/6 life-size version of the poignant composition out of wax, in February of 1989, for casting into bronze. Greiner’s eventual surrender to God released his destiny and changed the direction of his life and art forever. Today, this historically unique composition is recognized around the world as a masterpiece.  The bronze sculptures have been owned by many famous people, including Dr. Billy Graham and Pope John Paul II.

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